A land plot for the construction of a production facility is proposed in the Timashevsk District

The Municipal Formation offers a land plot for the implementation of a project in the transport sector.

A land plot on Vybornaya Street in Timashevsk is planned to be used for the implementation of a promising project for the construction of an industrial base. The area of the land plot is 33,427 square meters; it is registered in the Cadastre and is classified as settlement lands. It can be used for social and business facilities or accommodating a building. At present, a production base is located here.

There is a local road, Promyshlennaya Street(1.5 km), there. The distance to the federal highway УKrasnodar city Ц Yeisk cityФ is 5 km.

The distance from the municipal center of Timashevsk city is 5 km. The distance from the regional center of Krasnodar city is 75 km.

The distance to the nearest railway station of Timashevskaya is 600 m, to the Krasnodar Airport is 75 km, and to the seaport of Novorossiysk is 220 km.

Administration of Municipal Formation Timashevsk District

Address: Krasnaya street, 103, Timashevsk city, Krasnodar region, 352700, Russia

Tel.: +7 86130 4 13 60

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