Welcome to Timashevsk district

Dear Friends,

The Timashevsk District is a developed district of Kuban with an agricultural sector of economy. It consists of one town and nine rural settlements.

The district has an advantageous and convenient geographic location. There are main rail lines and highways of federal importance here, which are oriented towards the sea ports and resorts of the Black and Azov Seas, making it a major transportation hub connecting different parts of the region and the country.

Today, the district has more than 90 large enterprises including 21 budget forming ones, more than 650 small and medium-sized enterprises and 285 peasant farms. That is why the Timashevsk District belongs to the most investment attractive districts of Kuban. Such well-known international and Russian brands as Nestle, AR Carton, Crown Cork Kuban, Constantia Kuban, Bonduelle and Kuban Confectionery Complex, OJSC successfully operate on the territory of the Municipal Formation. This is a unique phenomenon both in the Krasnodar Region and in Russia as a whole. A cluster of large industrial enterprises with foreign capital was formed in a small area with a population of over 109 thousand residents.

Today, the Timashevsk District has a very high investment potential. It has a favorable geographical location, stable and dynamic development of the district, skilled professionals, which constitute favourable conditions for profitable investments in the business development.

Welcome to the Timashevsk District!

Head of the of the Municipal Formation Timashevsk District
Paliy Andrey Vladimirovich